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Weekly Supply List and Activity Planner | Sponges

Hello! We’re so glad you’re continuing on with us! We have absolutely loved the themed week by object! We decided to work with sponges this week while the weather is still so hot. We look forward to doing many of these activities outside (and maybe inside too!) We’d love for you to tag your posts on Instagram with #connectedkidscreate so we can see what you’ve been up to as well! If you have any ideas for an upcoming theme or would like to say hello, drop us an email at connectedkidscreate@gmail.com  We would love to hear from you!!


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Weekly Supply List and Activity Planner | Balloons 2

Hi there! How are you?! How did this last week of balloon activities go for you and your kids? We loved it!! I think it reaffirmed for both of us that picking a material for the week is the way to go! We spent less money, had absolutely little to no prep, and our kids had a blast! Jacqueline kept waking up every morning asking to do “water baboons, Mama! Water baboons!” That’s a win in my book! We decided to continue with balloons for one more week before moving on. We hope you’re as excited as our kids! :-)


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Paper Mâché Bowls






Mixing bowl





Thumbtack or safety pin




  1. Prepare by cutting the newspaper into strips. Mix up your Paper Mâché paste by combining flour and water until you have a glue-like consistency. I generally start with equal parts flour and water and adjust to the consistency I like. This does not have to be a perfect and the consistency can be adjusted to what looks good to you.
  2. Blow up a balloon. This will act as the base to form your bowl on.
  3. Coat a newspaper strip in the paste and lay it on the balloon. Repeat until your bowl […]
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Weekly Supply List and Activity Planner | Balloons

The fun thing about blogs and following along is getting to see the evolution of where they have been and where they are headed. Sarah and I talk a lot, we joke we are each other’s “house wife.” Who else can you call for a 5 minute catch up, only to promptly hang up because one of your kiddo’s needs you? It’s great for so many reasons but it’s really fantastic because it allows us an incredible collaboration on this blog. I truly believe our ideas become so much better with two brains behind them and us giving each other’s ideas just a little tweak here and there.


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Weekly Supply List and Activity Planner | Bees

We thought it might be fun to continue with pollinators for another week and look into bees! Does anyone else’s two-year-old immediately start buzzing and pointing when a bee is spotted?! Just mine?! 😉 We had to start warning Jacqueline with “ouch” because she was always so excited to see them, she’d wave and say “hello!” This should be a fun and easy week to incorporate into your busy summer schedules! We’d love to hear how our activities are working for you!

If you’re new here, we create simple themed activity plans for little ones that are easy to set up & fit into […]

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Weekly Supply List and Activity Planner | Butterflies 2

We’ve been watching our caterpillars grow for a week now and I’m amazed at how engaged our whole family has been in the process. Daddy checks in daily with the caterpillars and discusses them with the kids, my 13 year old niece helped Hannah name all of the caterpillars and write out their names – everyone is enjoying the process!  We’re continuing with caterpillars/butterflies for one more week since the kids are enjoying the topic so much.

If you’re new here, we create simple themed activity plans for little ones that are easy to set up & fit into your normal day-to-day. […]

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