Hello! We’re so glad you’re continuing on with us! We have absolutely loved the themed week by object! We decided to work with sponges this week while the weather is still so hot. We look forward to doing many of these activities outside (and maybe inside too!) We’d love for you to tag your posts on Instagram with #connectedkidscreate so we can see what you’ve been up to as well! If you have any ideas for an upcoming theme or would like to say hello, drop us an email at connectedkidscreate@gmail.com  We would love to hear from you!!

Now for this week’s Activity Plan:


01 | Sponge Bath

Supplies: Sponges, Bathtub of water/ Water table/ Bowl of water, Food coloring (optional)

Tip: extend play by balancing sponges on your head before getting them wet in the bath. So fun! (we might even do this as a separate sponge activity in our house!)


02 | Keep Cool Sponge Necklaces

Supplies: SpongesStringClaspBeads (Optional), Plastic needle, Scissors


03 | Sponge Boats

Supplies: Sponges, Toothpicks, Paper/cloth (for sails), Scissors

Tip: extend play with figures to “ride on” the boats.


04 | Sponge Puzzles

Supplies: Sponges, Scissors


05 | Sponge Painting

Supplies: SpongesNatural Sea Sponges, Paint, Paper

Tip: Start with one type of sponge and then add in the other. Great chance to compare the manmade one with the natural sponge. We plan to have multiple painting sessions this week.



Book List


Unless your kids’ are fans of Sponge Bob Square Pants, we were having a harder time with books to fit into our “sponge week”. So we’re leaving it up to you this week! Maybe you’d like to look at your library’s ocean books and find something that discuss sea sponges! Or maybe, like me, you’re just going to wander through the library stacks and let your little one pick out a few at random! 😉  This is one of my favorite things to do at the library, both in the adult section and in the children’s. Have a wonderful week friends!