Exploring the world with our children…

We are

  • Supplement to school / assist with school readiness
  • Play focused
  • Integrating themes, activities, discussions into everyday life
  • Building a community of supportive, like-minded parents

Weekly Format

  • Weekly activity blog based on current theme promoting a connection with our world. A simple supply list will be created for each week.
  • Activities will incorporate art, music, pre-literacy, math, fine motor, gross motor, imagination (!).
  • Activity lists will include discussion points to get the conversation started with your little one.
  • Themes will change every 4-8 weeks. All themes will be based upon what children can directly interact with – not just see in books. This is very important to how a child learns about the world around them. For example, cooking is a great theme because it integrates into our everyday life, children can be direct participants with the theme, and it can expand from cooking dinner, to fruits and vegetables (and their colors), to grocery store trips, to play dough cupcakes – there is no limit to the possibilities! On the other hand, outer space will not be one of our themes, as there is no way for a child to directly interact with Space unless you live next door to a space museum!
  • We will also create a booklist and music list for each theme, which we may update as we move through the themes!
  • Please use our activities, and book/music suggestions as a starting point. No need to adhere rigidly to the ideas or even a schedule. Listen and observe and see where your child leads you. Enjoy rediscovering the world through the point of view of your child!
  • We will also be posting about what we’re talking about these days (all things relating to parenting, family life and anything else that strikes our fancy). We want to hear from you too! Nothing makes our day more than a comment on a post. We hope to create a community of supportive families to share the daily joys, struggles and victories in this awesome crazy life. No judgment here.

Learning Philosophy

We think learning should be fun and hands-on. It’s about the process and exploring, not the perfect end result or perfectly composed Pinterest photo (though what’s sweeter to see than a toddler having fun anyway!) Our goal is to foster a love of learning and help our children become their best selves.


I’d like to follow along, how do I start?:  Visit our ‘Art Closet’ for suggestions on setting up your own Connected Kids Create craft cabinet.  Feel free to jump in and get started with where we are at here.  It’s all about just doing it – nothing perfect here!

If you’re posting to instagram please use #connectedkidscreate so we can find you! We’d love to see what you’re up to.  You can follow us here.

Are babies covered in your activities?:  YES! We will cover a few activities and tips for babies each week. We will also indicate which activities work well for younger ages, though including the younger set usually means more supervision is required! Our booklists will also indicate which books are better for babies too.

What ages are your activities suitable for?  Our activities are geared towards our own kids who range in age from baby – almost 4.  The main lesson plan is mapped out with 2-4 year olds in mind.

However, many of our activities work for older kids. I set up a few simple activities (like colored foam bubbles) when we were visiting my in-laws, and my eight year old nephew was just as engaged as my four year old nephew! It was actually so great to see the older ones helping the younger ones with it.  Many are also suitable or can be adapted for younger kids. We both have younger children that participate in the activities where it’s suitable.