Meet Us:

We’re just a couple of Moms trying to embrace the ups and downs of toddlerhood and help our kiddos have a full and happy life.  We’re sisters actually, and despite living completely opposite lifestyles we found ourselves having almost daily phone calls about how to structure our lives in the best way for our families. Everything from parenting philosophies to what’s for dinner.  

Between the two of us, we have four kids under four (one a year since 2012!) and what started out loosely as pulling stuff out of the kitchen cabinets to play with soon gained traction. We found that our kids loved it and we did too!

We are sharing our adventures with you for two reasons. First, we hope by committing to regularly updating Connected Kids Create we will hold ourselves accountable – this is so near and dear to our hearts! Writing it all down also helps us to be more intentional (and less haphazard) with our activities.

Secondly, we had trouble finding this type of resource for ourselves so we wanted to share it with other families, and release our work out into world as a way of expressing our own creativity and hopefully making your life easier!

Sarah: I’m a full time mother and Architectural & Interior Designer who runs a Design business out of my New York City apartment.  Being home based has allowed me to have flexible hours (there’s a lot of late evenings in my house!), and to spend more time with my little ones: Hannah (3) and Sam (1).  I love the busy city life but am trying to slow down more and take joy in my kids’ natural curiosity in everything! I’ve spent the last three years accompanying them to every baby and toddler class under the sun from traditional swim and music to forest school and gymnastics. My first nanny was a former Special Education teacher and I was so lucky to learn from her wisdom.


This is Hannah. She is 3 years old

She attends preschool in the mornings and loves it. She is very social and independent though also a homebody. She is our little chatterbox and belts out songs, often with her own lyrics added in! After receiving daily requests to do an activity from Hannah, she became my inspiration to start Connected Kids Create

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This is Sam. He is 1 year old.

He is laid back and chill. He’s quick to laugh and has an easy smile.  He’s our little charmer. He loves to dance and play instruments. He adores his Big Sis. Wherever and whatever she’s doing is what he wants too. He’s definitely a ‘rough and tumble’ boy and regularly leaps from the furniture!


Rebecca: I began my career in finance consulting on companies’ retirement plans but after a whirlwind romance I found myself changing paths in life – moving back home to my roots in the Midwest and becoming a stay at home mom.  I am blessed with two sweet and fun loving girls: Jacqueline (2) and Kate (not quite 1) plus my third child a rescue pup, Lucy, who thinks she’s one of the girls too. Having two so close in age is definitely a test of my multi-tasking skills but they already delight in each other and cheesy as it may be we have a blast together (well, most days;).




This is Jacqueline.  She is 2 years old.

She is an incredibly happy, giggly little girl who delights in taking her three main stuffed animal friends, blankey, and drink cup everywhere.  Already we joke a bit about her desire for routine and consistency, she thrives on it.  She’s becoming my little helper in the kitchen and continues to be a wonderful big sis to Kate – no shortage of hugs and kisses there.  Watching them interact together is the best!


This is Kate.  She is almost a year old.

Kate is our sweet baby seems much wiser than her years.  She is quick to smile and laugh at most anything.  Kate loves watching her big sister and tries to keep up.  She is definitely the firecracker in the family and keeps me on my toes!